Celebrate 50 Years of Sensormatic Innovation that Lasts

Tyco’s trusted brand leads the way with disruptive technology to drive the retail industry forward

From the popularity of bell bottoms in the ‘70s, to the big box chain boom of the ‘90s, to today’s connected omni-channel world, Sensormatic has always adapted to the needs of the retail industry with groundbreaking innovations. Join us as we proudly celebrate the 50th anniversary of our genuine Sensormatic brand, a name synonymous with innovation, quality and service.

For 50 years, we have built deep customer relationships to better understand how we can partner to solve retail’s biggest challenges. Our first anti-theft pedestals and tags were disruptive technologies to an industry that relied on physical security for merchandise protection.

Today, we build on the strength of our trusted brand with breakthrough information-based solutions designed to help our customers better manage their inventories, shopper activity, employees and facilities to improve operations and profitability.

Visit Tyco’s Sensormatic 50th anniversary microsite to experience an interactive timeline of our technology innovation and retail trends.

Thanks to our retail customers who have helped drive retail innovation over the last 50 years and for your continued commitment in the years ahead.


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