A Coordinated Effort

Walmart makes conceptual conversations real

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STORES Magazine from NRF highlights the ongoing Walmart and Tyco collaboration and how in-store concepts become a reality at Tyco’s Retail Experience Center. Designed to simulate key store areas using the latest technology, the Experience Center opened in late August 2015 on Walmart’s Bentonville, Arkansas campus.

“[The Retail Experience Center] gives us the opportunity to truly collaborate. It moves us from the concept phase to the ability to see a product live and in action at a much faster pace.” — Paul Jaeckle, Walmart Stores

Walmart was looking for an in-aisle system to help deter losses of high-theft items at the point of sale, and leveraged the Experience Center as a way to visualize the concept. Now operational, the solution was rolled out to approximately one-third of Walmart stores last year.

Read the full STORES Magazine article on Walmart and Tyco’s coordinated efforts or download the reprint from the July 2016 issue of STORES Magazine.


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