Inventory Optimization - The New E-book from EKN Research

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Learn about the importance of accurate inventory to drive customer satisfaction

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Today, retailers are managing the challenges of omni-channel fulfillment while trying to meet the diverse needs of their evolving shoppers. In the latest e-book “Inventory Optimization,” released from EKN Research and Tyco Retail Solutions, findings revealed that 50 percent of retailers surveyed are unable to provide a single view of their in-stock position. As a result, sales can decline as much as 8.2 percent of total sales due to lack of inventory accuracy. This lack of inventory visibility can cause serious issues for retailers ahead of the busy holiday shopping season.

The e-book focuses on the importance of having accurate and timely enterprise-wide inventory visibility to satisfy today’s customers anytime and anywhere. Check out the full e-book to understand how retailers can implement more agile and efficient inventory optimization strategies to drive customer satisfaction.

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