Tyco Obtains Injunction to Stop Acousto-Magnetic EAS Labels from Entering Germany

Tyco Enforces Patent in Germany against Century Retail Europe B.V. and ReTec Wandlitz GmbH, a Dutch and a German Distributor of Anti-Theft labels

NEUHAUSEN, Switzerland—January 5, 2017—Tyco (www.tyco.com and www.tycoretailsolutions.com), a leading provider of retail performance and security solutions, today announced that Tyco Fire & Security GmbH (TFSG), has obtained two injunctions rendered by the Court in Dusseldorf, Germany to prevent the importation to and distribution in Germany of certain acousto-magnetic (AM) electronic article surveillance (EAS) labels from Century Retail Europe B.V. (Century Europe) and ReTec Wandlitz GmbH (ReTec) in relation to European Patent No. 0,922,274.

Genuine Sensormatic acousto-magnetic (AM) label 

For 50 years, retailers have trusted Tyco’s genuine Sensormatic acousto-magnetic labels, designed for optimal performance with our detection and deactivation systems.

The injunction orders against Century Europe and ReTec are both related to AM labels designed to prevent theft in retail stores by triggering an alarm when live labels pass through Tyco’s Sensormatic® brand AM electronic article surveillance (EAS) systems. Both defendants, Century Europe and ReTec, acknowledged the preliminary court orders as final and binding rulings having the same effect as a final judgment.

The patent family of European Patent No. 0,922,274 is in force in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, United Kingdom, France, China, and Japan. In Foshan, China, Tyco has filed a lawsuit against Ningbo Signatronic Technologies for the manufacturing and sale of certain labels. This lawsuit is currently pending a decision from the Court. Additionally, Tyco has a significant patent portfolio which is enforced worldwide.

Bjoern Petersen, President of Tyco Retail Solutions, further explained the company’s position: “Tyco vigorously protects its intellectual property rights and its leading Sensormatic brand. Our genuine Sensormatic AM labels are an integral part of Sensormatic anti-shoplifting systems, which retailers have trusted for 50 years. Consistently high label quality is required to ensure effective theft deterrence at the storefront, to assure proper deactivation at the point of sale, and to provide a positive store experience for honest shoppers. Sensormatic AM labels were designed for optimal performance with our detection and deactivation systems. Introducing non-Sensormatic labels may compromise the performance of and associated loyalty to our Sensormatic brand.”

Tyco pioneered the EAS anti-shoplifting industry through its Sensormatic brand and continues to invest significant research and development resources to innovate these products. More than five billion products are effectively protected by Sensormatic AM labels each year. Tyco also provides a complete portfolio of high-technology Sensormatic security and store performance solutions that allow retailers to better manage their inventories, shopper activity, employees and facilities.

Read more about Tyco and its Sensormatic EAS portfolio.

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