Tyco's IoT Solutions Deliver Predictive Analytics to Maximize Business Outcomes

Real-time actionable data empowers retailers to create a more connected unified commerce shopping experience

To succeed in today’s connected always-on, always-open world of unified commerce, retailers need visibility into inventory availability, loss and shopper activity throughout the store and across the supply chain. With the latest IoT-enabled solutions from Tyco Retail, retailers are empowered and informed to maximize business outcomes and create the personalized, seamless experience consumers seek in this digitally-driven shopping world.

Tyco Retail offers a portfolio of IoT-enabled solutions providing real-time in-store visibility and predictive analytics-based Loss Prevention, Inventory Intelligence and Traffic Insights to help drive sales, improve operations and deliver a differentiated brand experience. Tyco’s IoT ecosystem includes RFID technology, sensors, security systems, video analytics, device management, and managed services.

Learn more about how Tyco’s IoT ecosystem helps retailers create a more connected unified commerce shopping experience.

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