New Studies Underscore RFID's Impressive Benefits for Retailers

Featuring Platt Retail Institute’s Research with Macy’s

As today’s consumers continue to seek merchandise where and when they want it, retailers must prioritize their technology implementations to support a unified commerce strategy. RFID-based solutions enable retailers to present accurate real-time in-stock positions with confidence to meet today’s customer expectations and maximize business outcomes.

Tyco Retail Solutions partnered with leading global research firms Platt Retail Institute, Kurt Salmon and IHL Group to assess the value of RFID technology to help ensure inventory accuracy and enable store-level fulfillment. This new research validates RFID’s influence on preventing inventory distortion and laying the foundation for today’s unified commerce. Platt Retail Institute presents detailed findings on RFID’s quantifiable benefits based on extensive research with Macy’s and its RFID program.

Read more on RFID’s game-changing advantages for today’s retailers.

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