lululemon’s Smart Inventory Solution Elevates the Guest Experience

Apparel Magazine and RIS News features retailer's use of RFID to drive inventory accuracy and visibility

lululemon athletica is all about the customer, called a “guest” by the lululemon team. The best way to make their guests happy is to give them as many choices as possible. Apparel Magazine and RIS News recently featured how lululemon incorporates RFID technology into their guest experience to create easy transactions for today’s omni-channel shoppers.

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Apparel Magazine, the apparel industry’s leading business-to-business publication, detailed lululemon’s use of RFID for visibility into accurate real-time inventory. Making products available anytime, anywhere, is critical to elevate their guest experience and set the stage for omni-channel fulfillment. Read more about the tangible benefits lululemon is experiencing with RFID.

RIS News, a source for insights into business and technology trends shaping the retail market, recently recognized “5 Retailers That Matter.” These cutting-edge retailers are driving the industry forward thanks to their commitment to technological innovation that further advances their unique position in the market. lululemon was named “The Inventory Genius” with their use of RFID, and is now enjoying 98% store-level inventory accuracy. See the full story for more details.

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