A New Store Excellence Scorecard: Third E-book in the Series from EKN Research

Highlights the value of new KPIs to measure store performance

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In this new digital-driven age, retailers need to re-think store performance management and excellence. By blending essential real-time operational data and customer knowledge, retailers can be better positioned to navigate the complexities of their business. The third e-book in a series from EKN Research and Tyco Retail Solutions, “A New Store Excellence Scorecard,” defines three foundational pillars to measure store performance and new associated KPIs for retailers to better evaluate business results.

These KPIs and measurements provide retailers with a new performance scorecard for understanding customer path-to-purchase, ensuring inventory availability and enabling execution effectiveness through empowered associates. By monitoring these insights through real-time in-store data, retailers can make immediate changes to improve the customer experience and stay ahead in this highly competitive environment for unified commerce.

Check out the full e-book to learn how retailers can apply these three pillars to create a holistic performance management strategy and a better balance between sales and operational effectiveness.

A New Store Excellence Scorecard is the final e-book in a three-part series. The first and second e-books, Customer Buying Journey and Inventory Optimization & Fulfillment, are currently available to view online.

Please read the press release for the full story.

Watch EKN’s animated infographic for key highlights from the entire e-book series.

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