Tyco Retail's Leading-Edge RFID Fitting Room Earns Top Industry Technology Awards

Solution recognized by RBTE and RFID Journal for driving retail innovation forward

Did you know that the fitting room is the highest sales conversion zone in the store? It’s the point where buying decisions are made. In fact, 67% of customers who use fitting rooms are likely to buy while only 10% of customers who browse the sales floor are likely to buy. What’s more, the average sale is 2x for fitting room customers, and 3x for serviced fitting room customers[*]. This significant data on the retail fitting room underscores the value of Tyco’s RFID Fitting Room solution in helping retailers boost profitability, provide shopper benefits and maximize customer service.

Based on its innovative use of RFID technology, Tyco’s RFID Fitting Room earned two prestigious industry technology awards. Retail Business Technology Expo (RBTE) 2017, Europe’s largest retail solutions event, shortlisted Tyco’s solution for the Innovation Trail Awards in London. In addition, RFID Journal LIVE! 2017, the world’s leading RFID conference, named Tyco as a finalist for the “Best New Product” award during the event in Phoenix, Arizona.

Read the full press release for details on our award-winning solution.

Check out our product brief for more about our fitting room analytics.

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