Loss Prevention

Since 1966, it’s been our business to deliver the technology, solutions and expertise our customers need to thrive in an evolving retail environment. Our innovative portfolio of modular and interconnected hardware and software not only keeps merchandise protected, but also provides valuable insight into retail operations. With a clear sightline into your store, you can reduce shrink, promote open-merchandising and create a superior shopping experience.

Minimize shrink and maximize profits

Tyco Retail Solutions is a global leader is retail security with over five decades of proven experience in Loss Prevention (LP) and over 1,500 patents and innovative solutions. That’s why 80% of the top 200 retailers around the world trust us to help them control shrink — leading to improved operations and profitability.

Our comprehensive genuine Sensormatic portfolio is engineered and manufactured for superior anti-theft protection in virtually any retail environment. You can take the benefits even further by integrating multiple technologies into our devices and leveraging reporting capabilities to extract meaningful, actionable data from your store(s). Armed with this data, you gain valuable insight into shrink, shopper behavior and inventory accuracy, enabling comprehensive store performance with optimal merchandise protection to keep profits high and your customers coming back.

Retailer Benefits

  • Increase revenue, decrease shrink and expedite the receiving process with source-tagged merchandise arriving properly secured and ready to display
  • Reduce losses from shoplifting, Organized Retail Crime, internal theft, vendor fraud and administrative error with superior anti-theft protection and enhanced EAS intelligence
  • Minimize shrink and open merchandise with confidence using a wide variety of hard tags, labels and sensors designed to protect nearly every product category
  • Maximize merchandise sell-through by reducing out-of-stocks and quickly replenishing missing items with near real-time visibility into loss events
  • Enable leaner store operations with superior merchandise protection so store associates can focus on serving customers instead of policing stores
  • Improve shrink visibility with new, deeper more actionable insight into sources of loss combining EAS, RFID and video technology within the store

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Solutions at work for you

Electronic Article Surveillance
Superior anti-theft protection in virtually any retail environment, allowing open merchandising, reducing risk of internal and external shrink and minimizing missed sales opportunities
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Source Tagging
Merchandise is tagged and protected at point-of-manufacturing, maximizing security throughout the supply chain and increasing speed-to-floor once received in store
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Storefront Visibility
Valuable insight into loss events, identifying critical details into what, when and how many items were stolen
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Video Surveillance
Visual verification of theft events, suspicious transactions and incidents, enabling more effective post-event forensic analysis and aiding in identification of stolen items and suspects
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