Display Execution

Shoppers can’t buy what they can’t see. That’s why it’s imperative all inventory styles/models, in all colors, be represented on the sales floor at all times — especially in environments where sellable inventory is represented by one sample item on the sales floor. But a large selling floor, a wide variety of display samples, and frequent shipments of new merchandise can make this task a constant challenge.

What’s missing from your display?

Tyco Retail Solutions’ Display Execution application allows you to perform more frequent cycle counts of your shoes and/or accessories on display and compare that count to your available stockroom inventory. If any stockroom inventory style and/or color is not on the sales floor display, it will show up on a report, alerting store associates that they need to replace the missing display item promptly.

Display Execution Benefits

  • Enhance the customer experience and maximize sales by reducing the number of missing display items on the sales floor
  • Improve display compliance and quickly reduce potential lost sales and markdowns by ensuring all available inventory is represented on the sales floor by knowing exactly what you have on display
  • Improve execution of display strategy with actionable reporting options


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