On-Floor Visibility

What items and sizes are selling? What styles didn’t sell? It can be a major challenging to make sure all items, in all colors and sizes, are on the selling floor at all times. As items are sold down, store associates need to frequently replenish them in order to fulfill customer needs and your desired merchandising planogram standards.

Keep the sales floor stocked and customers satisfied

Our On-Floor Visibility helps maintain accurate inventory availability in real-time via RFID technology to give you a detailed sightline into the inventory on the sales floor to ensure you keep your sales floor stocked with all available items in your store’s product assortment.

On-Floor Visibility Benefits

  • Help improve sales and inventory gross margin accuracy by ensuring all items, colors, and sizes are available on sales floor
  • Reduce out of stocks while promoting a positive customer shopping experience
  • Replenish the sales floor in a timely fashion throughout the sales day reducing possible markdowns


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