Electronic Article Surveillance

Since 1966, Tyco Retail Solutions’ Sensormatic acousto-magnetic (AM) Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) systems have provided retailers with reliable, high-performance loss prevention. With one of the highest detection rates in the industry, our systems safeguard wide exits helping keep your merchandise safe and customers happy. Plus, with a complete portfolio of detection systems, sensors, detachers, deactivators and more, you’re sure to find the EAS system that meets your store(s) individual needs.

Leading the way since 1966

While traditionally focused on loss prevention, today our EAS systems are designed to enable significant operational improvements. Our family of RFID-ready solutions provides precise, item-level accuracy to collect valuable data and actionable intelligence to ultimately optimize store operations and strengthen the shopper experience. The EAS/RFID functionality of these solutions provides both loss prevention and inventory visibility to help prevent theft while improving the quality of item-level data.

EAS Benefits

  • Increase profits, decrease shrink and enhance the customer experience with source-tagged merchandise arriving properly secured and ready to display
  • Reduce losses from shoplifting, organized retail crime, internal theft, vendor fraud and administrative error with superior anti-theft protection and enhanced EAS intelligence
  • Display high theft merchandise freely and confidently using a wide variety of hard tags, labels and sensors designed to protect nearly every product category
  • Maximize conversion rates and customer satisfaction by quickly replenishing missing items with near real-time visibility into loss events
  • Enable leaner store operations with superior merchandise protection so store associates can focus on serving customers instead of policing stores


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