Storefront Visibility

Inventory distortion is caused by many factors, including theft. Retailers typically rely on Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) for physical deterrence and to notify associates shoplifting has occurred. But with limited information on theft events and without knowing what specific product was stolen, you can’t adjust actual inventory inaccuracies or pinpoint true causes of loss. That means until a cycle count or full inventory is completed, merchandise plans, allocations, replenishment and orders will be based on inventory numbers that are likely incorrect.

Real-time data for actionable insights into shrink

With Tyco Retail Solutions’ Storefront Visibility, retailers can now integrate existing EAS infrastructure with RFID-based inventory solutions, and video technologies, to gain a higher level of understanding of actual loss events. These features provide deeper insight into the exact items stolen, their locations prior to theft, the quantity still available for sale, and common trends that may indicate future incidents.

Storefront Visibility Benefits

  • Understand when, what, and how many items are stolen with RFID-enabled storefront visibility
  • Pinpoint and respond quicker to new tactics in retail theft with near real-time insight into when and what was stolen at the time of the event
  • Identify trends in merchandise loss and shoplifting events with accurate visibility into loss events at store exits
  • Integrate video-capture for post-event forensic analysis


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