Traffic Counting

Traffic counting reports on the number of customers entering and exiting a retailers store on a given day, by hour. Retailers often use this data to measure the effectiveness of their promotional and in store marketing campaigns.

Who’s in your store?

By combining basic traffic count data with transactional data, retailers can calculate shopper to buyer conversion rates and conversely how many shoppers left their stores without making a purchase. Retailers can also leverage traffic data to improve their conversion rates’ by optimizing shopper to associate ratios based on key selling times.

Traffic Counting Benefits

  • Optimize traffic-to-associate ratios and measure effectiveness of promotions by counting and reporting the number of customers entering and exiting the store
  • Increase revenue by measuring traffic and conversion rates, determining the impact of marketing campaigns, and improving staffing models
  • Manage Traffic Insights at the store level to enable real-time response to shopper needs


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