Inventory Intelligence

Today’s omni-channel shoppers want what they want, when they want it — however they choose to shop. Our Inventory Intelligence solutions give you the accuracy and real-time visibility you need to satisfy demanding shoppers, improve the customer experience, boost operational efficiency and maximize profits.

Don't let inventory distortion steal your profits

Inventory distortion from out-of-stocks and overstocks costs retailers around the world over $800 billion every year. That’s because lack of inventory visibility results in incorrect merchandise planning and allocation, inappropriate selling floor replenishment, lost sales, low turn, unnecessary markdowns, increased carrying costs, and low margins. But you don’t have to let inventory distortion rob you of your profits.

Our Inventory Intelligence solutions — backed by the expertise, experience and innovation we are known for — provide a real-time sightline into your inventory. This level of visibility is key to reducing, or even eliminating, inventory distortion by first establishing accurate inventory by item and location. Armed with this valuable on-hand information, you can confidently fulfill omni-channel orders, diminish out-of-stocks, reduce costly markdowns and more— helping keep your customers happy and profit margins high.

Retailer Benefits

  • Improve inventory accuracy, assortment planning and store allocation with clear, near real-time visibility into your inventory across all enterprise locations
  • Minimize out-of-stock and overstock conditions with more frequent cycle counts and sales floor replenishment
  • Reduce markdowns and drive revenue by ensuring all sellable merchandise is properly displayed on the sales floor
  • Establish a solid foundation for successful omni-channel retailing with enhanced inventory visibility across the enterprise to effectively and confidently fulfill all customer orders

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Solutions at work for you

Display Execution
Presentation compliance reporting comparing counted items to inventory backstock, ensuring all sellable merchandise is on display reducing overstocks and maximizing sales
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Fitting Room Visibility
Visibility into merchandise in fitting rooms, enabling marketing and cross-selling opportunities via digital interactive displays
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On-Floor Visibility
Product back stock to sales floor replenishment ensuring that all items, colors, and sizes are available on the selling floor
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Transaction Visibility
Integrated point-of-sale inventory updates at the time of transaction, reducing inventory distortion while improving checkout time and the shopper experience
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