Traffic Insights

How many people visit your store every day? Where are shopper hotspots? What is your customers’ path-to-purchase? Understanding shopper behavior leads to higher conversion rates, increased customer satisfaction and streamlined operations — our Traffic Insights can help.

Enhanced Shopper Visibility for Maximum Conversion

Our innovative Traffic Insights solutions provide valuable information on how potential buyers move in and around your store — so you can exceed your shoppers’ expectations and stand out from the competition. By understanding how many people enter the store, what areas get the most traffic, and how effectively checkout lines are managed, you can streamline operations to significantly enhance the in-store customer experience and maximize conversion rates.

We offer a wide range of traffic devices, analytics and customizable reporting options so you can optimize your resources to meet shoppers’ needs more effectively. Whether you’re looking to manage Traffic Insights for real-time response at the store level, or need help managing data collection and reporting across the enterprise, we have the solutions to best fit your needs.

Retailer Benefits

  • Drive incremental sales and conversion rates by capturing data in and around your stores with devices that integrate with existing EAS and video systems
  • Understand consumer trends and traffic patterns by gender and age by capturing insightful demographic data at store entrances
  • Improve the customer experience by leveraging shopper traffic data to optimize the traffic-to-associate ratios during busy store hours
  • Optimize display placement, planogram effectiveness and product assortment by analyzing shopper behaviors
  • Analyze marketing campaign effectiveness by measuring the number of customers entering and exiting the store any hour of any given day
  • And much more

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Solutions at work for you

Traffic Counting
Valuable insight into shopper traffic by gender, department, path-to-purchase and dwell time, optimizing store staffing, promotional effectiveness, product assortment, merchandising and more.
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Dwell Analysis
Increased visibility into where shoppers stop in store and for how long, optimizing display placement, planogram effectiveness, product assortment, staffing and more.
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Path Analysis
Visual identification of shopper “hot spots” and paths-to-purchase, improving store layout, product merchandising and positioning.
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Demographic Capture
Insightful demographic data shopper of shoppers entering the store, increasing visibility into customer trends and improving product mix and store displays to match consumer wants.
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