Source Tagging

Every day, retailers are under extreme pressure to simultaneously reduce shrink, improve store operations, increase profits and enhance the customer experience. When every minute counts, time-saving solutions, like Source Tagging, can help. With our program, items are tagged at the source of manufacturing and arrive to your store(s) ready to hit the sales floor. This reduces store labor used to apply tags, increases tagging compliance and increases speed-to-floor so you can get merchandise on the floor, sold and out the door quickly and easily.

Maximize security and efficiency throughout the supply chain

As the leader in source tagging, Tyco Retail Solutions’ program has protected over 55 billion items (5 billion in apparel alone) from theft worldwide. Our program is inclusive of a wide range of theft-prone product categories including: apparel, building supplies, computer products, grocery, health and beauty care, multimedia and power tools. Plus by applying dual AM/RFID hard tags at the source, retailers automatically extend their traditional loss prevention measures to include enhanced item-level inventory and shrink visibility within the store.

Source Tagging Benefits

  • Help increase revenue, decrease shrink and enhance the customer experience with source-tagged merchandise arriving properly secured and ready to display
  • Experience less shortages by having more tags on more items throughout your store with 100% compliance and consistency
  • Reduce labor costs by having merchandise tagged before it enters the store


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